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Packages designed to meet your marketing goals

What You Get

Guaranteed Impressions

We’re so confident that we’ll be able to deliver results that we guarantee it! Every Modern Livestock campaign comes with our Impression Guarantee. An impression is the number of times that your ad is displayed. We’ll display your ad on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Instant Articles, and Apps and Sites on the Facebook Audience Network. Bottom line – wherever your ideal customers spend their time – your ad will reach them there!

Focused Targeting

Modern Livestock has created an audience of prospects specifically designed to reach livestock purchasers. Whether you are marketing locally to people near your facility or across the country, we’ll send your ads to a focused group of people who will become your next customers!

Reach 20,000 targeted prospects with customized ads on Facebook and the web

Reach 20,000 targeted prospects and add in real-time reminders when your sale is live

Reach 40,000 targeted prospects and take advantage of real-time reminders when your sale is live

Custom Ad Images

Simply getting eyes on your sale isn’t enough. That’s why we custom design every single ad we create for you with images of your actual livestock. Each Modern Livestock campaign includes at least 3 custom ad designs. These designs are specifically tailored to STOP people from scrolling and capture their attention on your sale’s ads. Our team of graphic designers are trained to create “thumb stopping” images so that you can stand out to your buyers!

Custom Ad Copy

Your sale isn’t like everyone else’s, so your ad should be as unique as the quality livestock you’re selling! Every single Modern Livestock sale comes complete with ad copy written to match your sale and your livestock. In our easy online order process, you can tell us what makes your company and your livestock unique, and we’ll craft expertly written copy to turn clickers into buyers!

Performance Report

With print advertising, you’ll spend a small fortune placing a one-page ad in a book full of one page ads. Even if someone picks up the magazine, you have no idea if they saw your sale’s ads much less if they attended your sale. With Modern Livestock’s fully digital approach, we’ll give you a complete performance report at the conclusion of your sale so you can see exactly what your marketing investment accomplished for your sale. Reports include how may unique viewers saw your ad, how many impressions your ad received, how many people clicked to your auction page, and even how many people got real-time reminders if you selected a package with this awesome feature! Hope is not an advertising strategy – you deserve a complete review of what your marketing investment accomplished.

Real-Time Reminders

Yes, getting eyes on your ad is an important part of the advertising process, but the real magic happens when you’re able to capture people’s attention in the very moment that your sale is taking place. With real-time reminders, this is exactly what you’ll get. Here’s how it works. When you select a campaign that includes real-time reminders, we’ll give people the option to “opt in” or request updates about your sale. Once someone requests this, we’ll send them reminders through Facebook Messenger as soon as your auction goes live. These reminders include a direct link to your sale page, and with the click of a button we’ll redirect them right to your sale! If you’re looking for a marketing strategy that really moves the needle, you cannot afford to skip our simple-to-use and cutting edge real time reminders!

Traffic Boost

The sky is the limit when it comes to digital marketing, so why not reach for the sky and double the number of impressions your campaign delivers? With our traffic boost option, we’ll double our impression guarantee and get your ad out there literally twice as many times. Whether you’ve got a big sale coming up, have premium livestock in your sale or just want to guarantee that your marketing investment delivers – adding traffic boost to your campaign is an easy way to accomplish your goals. We’re so confident that we’ll deliver that we even offer an enhanced guarantee on campaigns with traffic boost so you know that your ad will be delivered at least 40,000 time or you’ll receive a full refund!

Turn your hard work into hard results!

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