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Modern Marketing

For Livestock Producers

Reach livestock buyers with Digital marketing

The days of print advertising are gone, and in its place is a powerful new way to reach your perfect buyer with digital marketing. Don’t worry, we’ll do all the hard work, but here are the results you’ll see when you modernize your marketing…

Guaranteed Views

Don’t settle for one page in a big magazine. Get dedicated views directly to your sale!

Rapid Results

Set yourself free from pulication dates and get your sale listed right when you need it!


Build Your Brand

Take credit for the hard work you do and build brand awareness with powerful digital marketing. 

Leverage Social Media

Promote your sale where people spend over 2 hours every day with targeted social media advertising.

Reporting = Proof

See the results of your marketing campaign with a full breakdown of your auction promotion.

Personalization Matters

With personalized design on every campaign, feature your livestock exactly the way you want!

Average Results per Modern Livestock Campaign

Clicks to Auction Site

Unique People Reached

Total Ad Impressions


Stand Out!

There’s a BIG difference between being one ad in a book full of ads and being the only ad being seen by your ideal buyer. Our targeted digital marketing puts you face to face with your perfect customer.

Drive More Traffic

The end result that everyone wants is to get real live people bidding on your livestock right when your auction takes place. In the modern era, there’s no better way to do that than with Modern Livestock’s real time messenger sale reminders!

Guaranteed Results

Hoping for results is not a strategy. Each Modern Livestock program comes with guaranteed results and a complete report at the conclusion of your campaign so you can see the actual results of your marketing investment.

Turn your hard work into hard results!

Why digital marketing?

69% of all US adults use Social Media every single day

Facebook is the #1 Social Media site in the world

The average user spends over 2 hours on Facebook every day

Product Packages


  • 20,000 Guaranteed Impressions
  • Focused Targeting
  • 3 Custom Ad Images
  • Custom Ad Copy
  • Performance Report

Reach & Reminders

  • 20,000 Guaranteed Impressions
  • Focused Targeting
  • 5 Custom Ad Images
  • Custom Ad Copy
  • Performance Report
  • Real-Time Messenger Reminders

Double Reach & Reminders

  • 40,000 Guaranteed Impressions
  • Focused Targeting
  • 7 Custom Ad Images
  • Custom Ad Copy
  • Performance Report
  • Real-Time Messenger Reminders
  • Traffic Boost

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